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It’s been 4 years?

See how time moves this fast.  I found myself coming back here and all caught up with what happen in the pass 4 years.

It’s September the 21, 2018!  What have I done with my life?  How far have I go in 4 years?

Sitting here in the dark trying to get back to the keyboard and start writing about my life again.  This blog is about the reality and the experience I had in my life.  But, I realise that, I have not even been completely honest with myself. Perhaps the post after this will write more story.

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2015 comes too fast

I thought it was just yesterday.. Me and the girl off away for Christmas and the New Year eve. 2 weeks getaway feels so long. Things happen too fast.

Here I am with the same condition. I don’t even know what to do anymore. Looking back to the pass hoping for something better.. It is true, they always say.. The pass has nothing new to say..

Whats here in the future..? Everything is unpredictable.

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The awkward moment..

Sister and the family are on their way to town and will spend the night at my place.
I can’t ignore the odd feeling after what happen a few months back. I know she feels the same too. Mom need to be around at this very moment.

We havent been spending time togather for quiet sometimes.. I can’t even feel the warm of familyness in my relationship with my sister. We are blood yet still feels the huge distance right between us.


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Dance in the rain

Take a seat, enjoy the ride. Beyond known, I won’t be afraid of.. I’m just goin'(g) relax and enjoy my life.  Try to live it, try to, appreciate it, ‘Cos every breath I take I’ll feel the air. I’ll take sometime to smell the grass and the flowers. There is so much to live for here I swear. I will bask in the sun and dance in the rain.

Oh Oh Oh I’ll dance in the rain Oh yeah… Oh Oh Oh I’ll dance in the rain, I’l dance in the rain

Take a deep breath and then come alive. There might be so many things you’re missing out of. Try to know it, try to feel it ee yeah, It’s your life yeah,  try to live it yeah.  Forget about tomorrow live in today. Tomorrow will be fine so don’t let your worries take away the beauty of today. Just bask in the sun and dance in the rain ohhh.

Take a seat and relax you’re my brother man. Love people from other lands  and see them as one. If you believe you can fly.. Why don’t you try instead of doubting yourself, living  in negative vice. Get up and say yes you can and appreciate the simple things. Like the mountain and trees and the land and the trees. And the flowers and leaves, the air that you breathe. A wonderful world, a wonderful world.. Ooh Yeah..

Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!


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Maybe don’t share too much next time, mom?

Mom needs to take a step back. She is not realising it that she is making me feel inconvenience.

I remember the first day moving into my new place, the moment she knew that our neighbour are the same ethnic as us.. she start telling the story from A-Z. All that I can do is walking away.

Today I heard that the rest of the neighbour were asking about me. Word travel faster than the light!