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Should You Keep in Touch with Your Ex After a Break Up? Here’s the Truth…

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Think before you running after them.

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In my past, I was so guilty of keeping in touch with men I had “chilled” (read blog about that here) or had relationships with.

Even though we broke up, I somehow thought it was okay to answer their texts and calls. Even when I would walk through the door of a new relationship, I still had moments where I would entertain their desire to communicate with me.

Here’s the problem with that…

Once God has closed a door, leave it closed!

Many of us say that we want a new relationship or husband who is ready to commit and loves God, but are we doing our parts too?

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When I got serious about my walk with God, I blocked the numbers and facebooks of any man I had ever “chilled” with, had a relationship with, or was attracted to. Even if I wasn’t…

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